Team Roping
Team Roping formats are pretty easy
team roper, doesn't mean you really know
format over and over to veteran ropers.
Formats should
not be overlooked!

Picking the right format that suits your,
technical equipment, arena, cattle and
region is very important. New formats are
springing up as we speak, but the old
trusties are never going to die. Match
roping, is an old format, springing to life
Roping died off for several regional
reasons. I was a certified Match Pro,
helping to promote SMR, watching it die in
my area was sad. The format was really
great, but the ropers in this area are on
average a #4 and below. These lower
number ropers have trouble finding
partners, so the match roping format was
not very appealing to them. If a draw pot or
round robin match was available, I think it
would have been more appealing to the
lower number ropers.

Make sure you do your homework, really
pay close attention to the ropers you are
going to attract, their numbers will dictate
everything, from formats to the cattle you

I personally love to cater to the lower
number guys. I like to offer a good pick
partner to the handful of higher numbers in
the area too, but the money is in the lower
numbers in this area.  
Draw Pots are great for low number ropers. Pick and draws are
great too. Pick partners will work if you have a large group of ropers
that are friends. If your roping is a pick partner and everyone that
shows up is low numbered and do not know each other, well its going
to be a disaster. Draw pots are great but they are better if you have
the equipment and software to run them. Back in the day, before on
a small piece of paper and in a bucket. One would be a heeler
bucket and one a header bucket. They would draw one from each
and match them up. This can still be done today but it is time
consuming and confusing for the ropers and secretaries, I know first
hand because we have had to use this method several times when
our computers crashed. Once you've used a good roping software
and ran a successful draw pot you'll be hooked.

The draw back to using a draw pot format is what is entered is
entered. Meaning there is no more money to be made once the
books are closed. Pick partners make more money, the books
remain open until the first round ends and this means as the round's
end nears, ropers will generally enter up more if they didn't get as
many down as they wanted. I call it the ropers frenzy! Great for the
producer, but hard on the addict roper!


Draw Pot ~
draw 3 for  $60.00
means = you get 3 drawn partners for

Pick n Draw ~ pick 1 draw 2 for $60.00
means = you get to pick one partner and 2
others will be drawn for $60.00

Pick Partner ~ $20.00 a man
means = every partner you pick cost you
$20.00, meaning every team you create
will cost $40.00 at the office.

Sometimes you hear the format 3 for
$20.00, means = 3 head of cattle for
$20.00 NOT 3 partners! 3 head of cattle
refer to a 3 header.

Round Robin ~ $50.00 a man
means = exactly that you pay $50.00 to
get in and rope with everyone. The
amount of runs you will get will be
determined by the amount of ropers that
Round Robin Producers, sometimes say
$10.00 to the lowest
means = you pay $10.00 for every roper
entered on the lowest side, if there is 8
heelers and 6 headers you pay $60.00

Match roping ~ $100.00 a team
means = just that, enter with a 1 partner
and pay $100.00 = $50.00 a man.

More complex formats to consider

My favorite by far,
Draw n Pick ~ Draw 3 for $60.00, pick all
you want for $20.00 a man. You must
enter the draw one time to pick partners
you can enter the draw as many times as
you like.
This is my favorite as a producer, because
it gives you the best of both worlds. Your
new low number ropers have their draw
pot and buddies get to partner up, and
you get your "roper's frenzy"

If you use this format, its best to advertise
it as a Draw n pick, meaning you draw first
then you can pick! It helps a little with the
Pick Partner roping's are easy and
simple! They can be run without a your new
to producing a team roping.

a computer is on index cards. In my travels
helping other producers, even some real
With that said, you can see it must be the
best way to do it.  

If you have more than one roping that day,
like a #9 and a #11 both pick partners, you
color index cards. Say white for the #9 and
Yellow for the #11. My secretaries sell the
cards to the ropers. Each card is for a team
and for example is $40.00. Keeping a tab
for your ropers will be a nightmare, so try
your best to sell the cards in advance. To
discourage dishonesty, we stamp our cards
so they can not be duplicated. Have your
ropers write the header's name and rank
and heeler's name and rank on the index
card. Put them in a collection tray fro the
right roping. We don't close our books until
the end of the first round, so a secretary
needs to stay in the office through out the
roping taking entries. I usually start the
roping on time this way. As entries come in
you just keep adding to your pile! EASY!!
have to explain the ropers rating system. If your a wife, family
member or fan of roping or just someone who would like to put on a
team roping and don't understand the numbering system, well its is
the USTRC and Coors. We have always used the USTRC here at
the Horseshoe Arena, so we will use that as our examples. Ropers
should be number and hold a card, if not it is your responsibility as

what they think he should be rated, I also always say "I have the
right to pull you in the roping if I think you are under numbered".
This is usually the norm and ropers have no problems with it. Every
once in a while you will have a good roper try to get in a low
numbered roping, so keep a watchful eye on them.

Basically in a nut shell, if you are having a #10 pick n draw roping
with no cap then any team can enter not rating over a #10
means = #5 and #5 can rope, #6 and #4 can rope, #3 and #3 can
rope and so on..... A number #5 and #6 can

A cap means you are putting a limit on the individual rating
A #9 Roping with a #5 cap
means = a #5 and #4 can rope, a #4 and #4 can rope but a #6 and
#3 can
NOT ROPE, #6 is over the #5 cap