Part of Roping
And Your Employees
The Technical Stuff is important and
requires some skill of todays high tech, but it
does depend on what your intentions are. If
you only want to have a jackpot at the house
with some friends, you don't really need to
know about software, etc. On this page I will
explain all about the difference of running it
all on paper or with a computer with roping
software. Its best to study both because in
some cases I have had to use the old style
methods (Paper) to get through a large
roping. So it is good to learn both regardless
of your intentions. Employees will be another
topic, especially secretaries, they are
a few companies. Here at the HR
Arena we have used The Roping
Assistant pro exclusively. I have helped
competitors but I must say hands down
the Roping Assistant Pro is the best!
Before their change, you bought the
software with 2 unlock codes, meaning
you could put it on 2 computers and
after that you need to repurchase. In
October 2009 I tested the new version
in beta for them. The cost will now be
by the team and can be purchased by
event. I love the new version, even
though I found nothing wrong with the
older version.

As I said I have used software by other
companies and I don't want to leave
them out but my recommendations are offers a roping, if you
would like to consider them, they are a
bit cheaper, but they don't seem to
offer as much as recommended. offers a
team roping software but I have not
personally used it.

Roping Assistant Pro staff at are wonderful. They
are a small family business and easy to
access for support. Their software is
written well and the software guides
you through everything step by step.
Team Roping
Electronic Check List
1. Computer
2. Software
3. Printer/paper/ink        
4. Amplifier/reciever
5. Mic
6. Speakers/wire
7. Electronic Timer/eyes
8. Batteries (lots of them)
9. Hot shots
10. Stop watches (2)
Secretarial Check List
1. White 4x7 index cards
2. Colored 4x7 index cards
3. Steno tablets
4. Rule Book ( I use USTRC)
5. High Lighters
6. Pencils/sharpeners
7. Several working calculators
8. Stop watches (2)
9. Clip boards
10. Tape
and thats really stands true to
orchestrating a team roping event. You
need dedicated secretaries, that have a
passion for what they do. I can not stress
enough how important they are to your If
you plan to do most of the secretarial
There is a lot of mental stress is the office
work of roping, so two heads are by far
better than one. Once you get your help
trained, you need to focus on being a
producer, and that means managing the
producer, and that means managing the
event. Other employees, cattle hands
needing managing, usually these workers
are young boys and need supervision.
Make sure your chute help is responsible
and really with the program. You don't
need some burn out teenager opening the
chute for your ropers.

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